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Males are responsible for almost 50% of infertile cases , and needs to focused while treating a couple for infertility. Male factors responsible for infertility can be due to many reasons, most common of them being semen report abnormalities. This needs to be addressed and counselled very well by a qualified expert for the same.

Male Infertility can be divided in following heads:-

Semen Report Abnormality

Azoospermia – No Sperms seen in Semen

Oligospermia – Less Number of Sperms count as compared to normal ( 15 x 106 /ml)

Asthenospermia – Lesser motility than normal 

Oligoasthenospermia – both count & motility lesser than normal

OATS – this has less count , motility, and abnormal sperms in semen

Cryptozoospermia – the retrograde ejaculation causes sperms to go in urinary bladder rather than coming out from pennis. 


Erectile Dysfunction – This is common disorder in many male factor infertility and an be treated with medicines and Fertility treatment .
Premature Ejaculation -This is also common problem with few male patients who are not able to ejaculate properly in vagina , and may need medical treatment. IUI treatment may help such couples to achieve pregnancy early.

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